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Do you have an idea for your own SaaS system? Or maybe you need to automate one of your Business Processes and develop Cloud Software?

Contact us Today with your requirements, we can configure it for you in no time!

We also have a few products that we have developed using No-Code and we also help you configure your own custom SaaS system.

Here are some of our products and a bit about them. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Email and SMS communications with clients
  • Website with a catalogue
  • Create online courses (webinars, live events, books, videos, SCORM, etc)
  • Ability for people to browse the catalogue and register or buy different courses and sessions.
  • People then will complete courses s online. 
  • System will track completion and issue certificates if needed.
  • User can configure all steps of the course, setup different rules for completion
  • Setup different level of pricing
  • Generate reports
  • Send emails and SMS to the clients
  • Have special portals for trainers and presenters
  • Online exams
  • Online self-assessments
This is an online solution to manage your companies security and to make sure no data breaches occur. With our easy to use platform that teaches employees how to be safe and how to avoid getting hacked or getting a virus. But is also a powerful tool for a Data Security/Privacy Officer to use to keep tabs on employees and to make sure all data in the company is safe.

We can configure a custom CRM based on your exact needs.  We have a lot of built in tools that can be used as soon as  you open an account. And we will help you customize the functionality, reports and experience based on your unique CRM needs.  Some of the key functionality include:

  • Database of clients
  • Email and SMS communications with clients
  • Tracking client activity
  • Making notes
  • Scheduling appointments and follow ups
  • Design and host website in the same place as CRM
  • Invoice clients
  • Allow clients to pay online by credit card
  • Online estimates, quotes and orders for clients
  • Online inventory management with online store and shopping cart
  • Online HelpDesk for clients
  • Online advertisement

Graduate Supervisor is the one-stop portal for research positions. We initially drafted the idea after being unable to find suitable supervisors for our own research projects and we realized that there is no place to simply search for the perfect supervisor. Our goal is to ensure that students can find research positions and opportunities in an easier manner. We do our best to provide the most up to date information to students, and we are currently working on expanding to other schools! If your school doesn't have Graduate Supervisor, please reach out to us. We want to expand across North America as the premier research focused database! We hope you secure opportunities with your perfect Graduate Supervisor.

Check out our site! graduatesupervisor.com


No-Code is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that offers all the needs of running any business in the digital age. We provide firms with all the necessary tools required to manage and operate efficiently and in the smoothest manner possible.

No-Code is a cloud-based system, so as long as you have an internet connection, we can offer our services from Canada. Our flagship, the No-Code System, is a fully customizable software that requires no programming, or as we call it, "No-Code".

Additionally, we use No-Code to develop in-house products such as the upcoming Privacy Officer, a cyber-literacy program for firms which uses our custom learning management system, and Graduate Supervisor!

Our central database system allows for the foundation and the continuation of your business online. No-Code can help your business grow and offers an extensive set of tools to make sure the growth doesn't stop!

We hope you choose No-Code for your digital needs!

- The No-Code Team



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